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Share a Scanner Over the Network.
Share scanner over LAN (wire or wireless) and Internet.

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Version 1.00, November 12 2015
Windows Logo Compatible with all editions of
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2003, 2008, 2012
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Share a Scanner Over the Network

Share your scanner across the network just like you share a printer! Scanique will turn any scanner into a network scanner, offering local and remote scanning capabilities with automatic document feeder support.

Scanique supports all types of flatbed and automatic sheet feeder scanners compatible with TWAIN and WIA interfaces.

Scan Directly to PDF or Multi-Page Images

Scan documents into a wide range of image formats! Scanique can produce JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF files in a resolution of your choice. You can also scan directly into the PDF format, producing files that are easy to send, print or archive.

Easy Electronic Workflow

Switch to electronic workflow easier! Scan all incoming documents into multi-page PDF files, store and organize them on your PC instead of filing piles of paper in a cabinet. Create compressed ZIP archives packed with scanned documents. Do all that without leaving a chair!

With full support for automatic sheet feeding devices, Scanique makes your life easier and more productive.

Remote and Local Scanning Support

Scanique supports both remote and local scanning, replacing your scanner's OEM software with a powerful scanning suite. In both local and remote scanning modes, you can easily choose between flatbed and auto-feeder modes, access basic image editing features and save multi-page PDF files.

Basic Image Editing

Scanique comes with basic image editing capabilities, allowing you to rotate scanned images. You can also select several images and save them to a single PDF file.

Transparent Server and Client Operation

With Scanique, you'll never need a separate license for the server. Each copy of Scanique running across the network can work as a client or server, enabling you to share as many scanners as needed across the entire network. A single click is all you need to switch Scanique between server and client modes.

Why Sharing a Scanner?

  • Improved Productivity
    Sharing a scanner across the network adds convenience and improves productivity, especially if the scanner is equipped with an auto document feeder.
  • Direct Cost Savings
    Scanning from your own workplace instead of using a dedicated PC makes life easier while making the dedicated "scanning PC" a thing of the past.
    - No need to purchase an expensive network scanner
    - Maintaining a dedicated "scanning PC" no longer necessary
  • Reduced Time Waste
    Scanique makes it possible to scan documents on a PC they will be used at. No need to transfer large files from one workstation to another.


Scanique supports most TWAIN and WIA scanners connected to a PC via a USB, SCSI or proprietary interface. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003 and 2008 (R2) Server are supported.

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